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exhibition reviews
the river by Wim Botha
dramatis personae by Athi-Patra Ruga
confidential histories by Helena Uambembe
tango by Jeanne Gaigher
call me when you get there by Mame Diarra-Niang
terra visions by Io Makandal
I can see your house from here by Ed Young
gymnasium by Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi
farewell to good good friends at Smith
imagined billboards by Jon Berndt
shaping things at Smac
tomorrow there will be more of us at Stellenbosch Triennale
until the lions have their own history by Sepideh Mehraban
deep she dive her by Marlene Steyn
rock dove song by Carol-Anne Gainer
sure thing! by Mitchell Gilbert Messina
shooting birds by Brett Seiler & Katharien de Villiers
acts of reading at Goodman
white city by Ashley Walters
listening room at Michaelis
who's left by Stacey Stent
bodies in alliance / politics of the street by Marinella Senatore
about face at Stevenson
sunday service at GUS
not the usual suspects at Iziko
in context / this past was waiting for me at Goodman
mokwena macquena mac quene by Jabu Nadia Newman
close encounters at Smith
umthwalo by Zizipho Poswa
press releases
tachyon by Jan-Henri Booyens
consolations by Alexandra Karakashian
laps around the sun by Callan Grecia
meander me and her by Marlene Steyn
imvuselelo yenkululeko by Simphiwe Buthelezi
coucou crumble by Maurice Mbikayi
bananas and saints alike by Katharien de Villiers
aspect : ratio at Gallery MOMO
unresolved category at Gallery MOMO
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